Nowhere: A podcast about the unexpected ways geospatial tech affects our lives

Nowhere is a monthly podcast that will feature stories about the invisible alignment of technology and society and will explore the ways in which geospatial technology affects our lives. Understanding societal values in technology design is critical for success in it’s intended use, although more often than not there are unintended consequences. The intersection of society and technology and its accidental uses provide interesting and compelling stories of how tech unexpectedly affects our lives. Nowhere is a podcast that brings you monthly episodes of inspiring, informative, and authentic discussions with technology leaders from around the world. Host Jonathan Neufeld aims to explore the intended or unintended uses of geospatial technology and its effect on the real world.

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Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

Joining us in this episode is Dr. Josh Johnston. He is the Principal Investigator for the WildFireSat mission, and a career wildland firefighter. Why is managing fire important? The truth is that fire isn’t always a bad thing. The fire is a natural means of keeping the forest healthy and actually plays a large role in stimulating new growth.  That said, getting too close to the fire or having too much of it can be dangerous. Sometimes fire management is about suppression, sometimes fires need to be started, and sometimes they simply need to be left alone. In instances where people are around, the objective is to put them out as fast as possible. The WildFireSat is the world’s first purpose-built fire monitoring mission via satellite. Prior to this, the science revolved around general purpose missions. This one is specifically for fire management, and it’s a uniquely Canadian endeavor. This allows for effective tracking of fires, which will play an even more important role as the world experiences climate change.  While imagery is nice to have, analysis and a breakdown of what a fire is doing—and what it is likely to do next—is more important than the visual asset. These analytics will be embedded in forthcoming products. This technology collects information regarding the landscape and classifies the threat of the fire. Decision makers who have to make a choice based upon this data will benefit the most from interpreting this data.

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Matt Lowe, Co-founder and CEO of Zerokey discusses how factories have changed with digitization including what capabilities humans have versus machines in an industrial environment and how geospatial technology has cut down on mistakes and miss-manufacturing. 

Wednesday Jun 29, 2022

Danika Kelly, Co Founder and CEO of My Normative, discusses how fitness apps and wearables are based on the "normative man" and how women's unique physiological factors (such as menstrual cycles) aren't accounted for. This makes it difficult for women to get an accurate representation of data and insights into their performance, so Kelly and her team have developed an app specifically for women that addresses these gaps. 

Thursday Jun 09, 2022

Hear from Alex Gierus, CTO of Trusted Dispatch on how psychology and technology help supply chain logistics companies find the most qualified drivers for special shipments like agricultural equipment.

Thursday May 12, 2022

Hear from Maggie Cawley, Executive Director of Open Street Maps US, about her encounter with federal land managers who weren't happy about traffic on their land and how her team developed a solution that benefitted the avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts while protecting sensitive or conservation areas. 

Tuesday May 10, 2022

Jon explores the Nowhere Podcast philosophy, what we hope to accomplish, and the sort of guests we’ll hear from.

Friday May 06, 2022

Guest Will Cadell, CEO of Sparkgeo discusses how natural disasters like floods and wildfires are posing a risk to communities and how geospatial analytics are helping solve the problem.

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